Am I a good candidate for the Cryolipolisis or Ultrasonic Cavitation Melbourne?

There is no Ideal candidate for our fat loss and tightening procedures at BodyEnvy. If you are within a healthy range of body weight, but have fat bulges that diet and exercise isn’t working, or not working fast enough, results are fast and quick!

Every client will go through a quick consultation, including a measurement and daily routines.

Is there downtime after the Ultrasonic Cavitation?

There is no recovery time, you can do this on your lunch break. Its possible for mild bruising in some clients.

Will I benefit from additional Ultrasonic Cavitation Procedures after the recommend session/s?

There should be no need. However we would love to see your results, and how your feeling in the new you!

Who shouldn’t use Cryolipolisis Or Ultrasonic Caviation?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women, Anyone who has had any major surgery. If you’ve had Liposuction – this is fine once your all healed and your doctor has give you the ok.

Come for your Complimentary Consultation, and up to 50% off on your Cryolipolysis Melbourne!